1. TransNational Payments
    Offers at cost credit card processing fees for faith-based non-profits.
  2. CiviCRM
    CiviCRM is a non-profit that created and maintains the free CiviCRM software.
  3. Global Paint for Charity
    Global Paint for Charity offers large amounts of paint free except for the cost of shipping & handling to non-profits.
  4. Splashtop
    Creator of several different software products centering around remote access.
  5. Remote Utilities
    Creates remote desktop software for IT professionals.
  6. Novatech
    Novatech provides office technology solutions and services to businesses throughout the United States.
  7. Network Thermostat
    Network Thermostat makes network thermostats, remote sensors, network controllers/relays, and software.
  8. Promevo
    Promevo is one of the largest Premier G Suite and Chromebook resellers in North America.
  9. Knit Picks
    Yarn manufacturer that donates dye lot ends
  10. First Books
    Offers books and other resources for free or at a massive discount.