1. General Audit Tool for G Suite
    Creators of GAT, the General Audit Tool for Google G Suite.
  2. New Relic
    New Relic offers a platform for monitoring one's servers and applications.
  3. Ascensio System SIA
    Creators of the popular ONLYOFFICE productivity suite.
  4. Google
    Google offers a robust search engine, web-based office suite, internet browser, mobile operating system, pay-per-click marketing along with numerous other products and services.
  5. Staples
    Staples is a nationwide chain of retail stores and an online shopping site that provide office supplies and services to individuals and organizations.
  6. 99designs
    A marketplace for individuals and organizations to find designers.
  7. Flywheel
    A web hosting company primarily known for their high end WordPress hosting options.
  8. The Freecycle Network
    Freecycle is a network of millions of members who give and receive items for free.
  9. Verizon Wireless
    Verizon Wireless is one of the largest cellular providers in the United States covering almost the entire country.
  10. The Rocket Science Group
    Creators of the popular email newsletter and transactional email provider Mailchimp.
  11. Airtable
    Airtable is a SaaS application that is similar to a database, spreadsheet, and no-code app builders rolled into one.
  12. The Art Resource Center
    The Art Resource Center collects art supplies from organizations and individuals and then distributes them to non-profits, including schools
  13. TransNational Payments
    Offers at cost credit card processing fees for faith-based non-profits.
  14. CiviCRM
    CiviCRM is a non-profit that created and maintains the free CiviCRM software.
  15. Global Paint for Charity
    Global Paint for Charity offers large amounts of paint free except for the cost of shipping & handling to non-profits.
  16. Splashtop
    Creator of several different software products centering around remote access.
  17. Remote Utilities
    Creates remote desktop software for IT professionals.
  18. Novatech
    Novatech provides office technology solutions and services to businesses throughout the United States.
  19. Network Thermostat
    Network Thermostat makes network thermostats, remote sensors, network controllers/relays, and software.
  20. Promevo
    Promevo is one of the largest Premier G Suite and Chromebook resellers in North America.
  21. Knit Picks
    Yarn manufacturer that donates dye lot ends
  22. First Books
    Offers books and other resources for free or at a massive discount.
  23. Panera Bread
    Panera Bread is a popular restaurant chain that offers breads, baked goods, soups, and sandwiches.
  24. OnTheGoSystems
    Offers several popular WordPress plugins including WPML and WP Toolset.
  25. Gmelius
    Offers a browser plugin that integrates with Gmail and provides enhanced capabilities such as the ability to schedule emails, create email reminders, follow-ups, etc.