You want to change your local community, your state, your country, the world! You are passionate about bringing hope and life to the world but you are constrained by the funding and resources you are able to gather. Philanthropy Catalyst is all about helping you reduce costs and increase resources by collaborating with businesses that care about the world like you do! How can you use PhilCata to help you accomplish your mission?

  • Get discounts or gratis supplies that allow you to focus your limited funds on your primary mission!
  • Find service providers willing to help you accomplish your mission at great prices!

Our directory has offers by numerous companies covering diverse industries that offer discounts or gratis products and services to nonprofits. You can start browsing now; the directory is 100% free, no strings attached!

We have big plans for PhilaCata, far beyond this directory, so drop us an email through our Contact Us page.  We’d love to stay in touch and hear your ideas / needs!