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Google offers a robust search engine, web-based office suite, internet browser, mobile operating system, pay-per-click marketing along with numerous other products and services. Many of its […]
Gmelius offers one product, aptly named Gmelius. It is a browser plugin for Chrome that integrates with Gmail and provides enhanced capabilities such as the ability to schedule emails, crea […]
Global Paint for Charity
From the official site: "Global Paint for Charity ships 40-foot and 20-foot sea containers of paint. A 40-foot container holds approximately 5000-6000 cans of paint or 864 buckets of paint […]
Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless is one of the largest cellular providers in the United States covering almost the entire country and offers several programs to non profits.
TransNational Payments
Offers at cost credit card processing fees for faith-based non-profits through the non profit My Well Ministry.
The Rocket Science Group (aka Mailchimp)
Creators of the popular email newsletter and transactional email provider Mailchimp.

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