How Much Money Is Your Favorite Non-Profit Losing Every Day?

You probably are involved with a non-profit organization of some sort on a regular basis. This could be an educational institution, a religious center, or a local food pantry. Whatever it is, you care about this NPO and want to see them doing well...but do you know how much money your favorite not for profit (NFP) is losing daily? No, we aren't talking about nickels and dimes, we are talking about tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars lost on a daily basis.This isn't your NPO's fault. They are doing the best they can with the resources available to them, and up until now there hasn't been a simple way for them to find out about all the great opportunities to reduce costs and increase effectiveness by partnering with businesses. But now, there is a place to go (Philanthropy Catalyst), and all they need is to hear about it! Can you… Read More..

How Discounting / Giving to Non-Profits Can Grow Your Business

There are many reasons to give generously to non-profit organizations (NPOs), both personally and as commercial organizations. Today we are going to laser focus in on one area: the tangible ways in which working with non-profits can actually grow your business. Free Traditional Media Marketing Working with multi-national NPOs probably won't land most small or medium businesses in media publications. However, working with local non-profits is a great way to gain the attention of the press. Sure, you probably won't find your business or its products on the front page of the New York Times or Washington Post, but you may find yourself in your local newspaper or mentioned on the town Facebook page. Most geographic areas, even sparsely populated ones, have a newspaper of some sort that is released on a regular basis and delivered to everyone within that geographic area. These papers are always looking for something newsworthy… Read More..

What If We Could?

Every day the news is filled with stories of sorrow: Volcanic eruptions taking lives, destroying homes, spreading toxic fumes. Hurricanes devastating the electrical infrastructure of an entire territory. Innocents caught in the crossfire of wars raging around the world. People dying from starvation and lack of medical supplies. The list goes on. It can be depressing and overwhelming and sometimes we feel so helpless to make a meaningful difference in this world. We are overwhelmed with our own struggles: Children that are addicted to drugs. Relationships that are fracturing. Mortgage payments higher than we can afford. Health problems that reduce our ability to function. Jobs that demand too much of us. We don't have the energy or the resources to the change the world. But what if we did, what if we could? When there is a tangible need, I so often see individuals and organizations ready to give what… Read More..

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